CAIR researcher awarded ICA fellowship


The Intercontinental Academia (ICA) creates a global network of future research leaders in which some of the very best young academics work together on paradigm-shifting, cross-disciplinary research, mentored by eminent researchers from across the globe. The 4th ICA is on Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. Associate Professor Deshen Moodley, the group coordinator of CAIR’s Adaptive & Cognitive Systems Lab based at the University of Cape Town is one of 19 fellows selected globally to participate in the 4th ICA. His research focuses on the development of Adaptive and Cognitive Systems.

His current interest is on general mechanisms for model learning, model update, knowledge discovery and belief revision. His research has a strong applied focus and he is investigating novel ways to engineer adaptive “thinking” systems for data fusion, situation analysis and prediction and knowledge discovery in diverse application domains, including health, biodiversity, finance, and earth observation.

Associate Professor Deshen Moodley

More information about the 4th ICA can be found on the ICA website:

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