3rd CAIR/UP AI for Society Symposium

University of Johannesburg
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Third CAIR-UP Symposium on AI for Society

Computational and Philosophical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

To be hosted by the Department of Philosophy, University of Johannesburg in collaboration with the Philosophy node of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) at the University of Pretoria as part of their series of symposia on AI research and society. 

 Date: March 15, 2019

 Keynote to be delivered by Prof Tshilidzi Marwala, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg

 Topics of contributions may include but are not limited to:

-      The Computational Tractability of Ethics

-      The Optimal Formalisation of Common Sense Situations for AI Applications

-      Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Modelling

-      The Ethics of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

-      Value alignment and AI safety

-      Justice, Fairness and Transparency in AI systems

-      The Moral and Social Implications of Social Robotics

 Abstracts for talks of 20-30 minutes are invited. Abstracts of 500 words should be sent to the following email addresses: ssegun@uj.ac.za and emma.ruttkamp-bloem@up.ac.za by 30 January 2019. Acceptance will be communicated by 15 February 2019. Note that there will be space for maximum 8 talks additional to the keynote.

NOTE: Proceedings from this symposium will be considered for a Special Issue with the Ethics and Information Technology journal.

Venue for the symposium is the Humanities Common Room, University of Johannesburg, APK (C-Ring 319).

Contact: Enquiries should be made to ssegun@uj.ac.za and emma.ruttkamp-bloem@up.ac.za


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