Russell Mulamula


DEGREES LINKED TO THIS RESEARCH GROUP: 2021 - current PhD (Philosophy)
“The Role of the Board in Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Governance – A Case
for JSE Listed Companies”

Workshop attended:
1) 23 March 2021 Catalysing cooperation: Working Together Across AI
Governance Initiatives
2) 13 April 2021 ICGAI: Meaning Inclusivity in Governing AI Revolution
3) 19 May 2021 Digital Insight: Bridging the Trust Gap – How to Govern AI
4) 17 June 2021 Intelligent Decisions powered by AI: A critical tool for Digital
5) 23 June Artificial Intelligence: How Secure are your ML and AI projects and
How human bias limits
6) 23 September 2021 Applying AI to tackle the Climate Crisis

Who is responsible? AI vs corporate governance and SA law
University of Pretoria
  • CSIR
  • DSI
  • Covid-19