Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem


Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem is the node leader at CAIR@UP. She is a professor of philosophy and logic in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pretoria. She is the leader of the Ethics of AI research group at CAIR and her node also has a focus in the KRR research group led by Tommie Meyer at UCT. Her research expertise includes ethics of artificial intelligence (the impact of social robotics on the human condition, the ethics of autonomous weapon systems, AI and sustainability in Africa, and fair, accountable and transparent machine learning), formal methods in philosophy of science (scientific realism; the structure of scientific theories; the demarcation problem; scientific progress; scientific truth) and formal logic (mathematical logic). She currently participates in research projects focused on ethics of AI, scientific realism and the structure of theories, and epistemic justice. Her work is well-known and respected in formal logic, philosophy of science and ethics of AI circles nationally and internationally. This is attested to by publications of her work in internationally accredited journals, the citations of her work in the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, her invited talks here and abroad (e.g. at LMU in Munich and UNESCO), the success of the international Scientific Realism Conference she organised in Cape Town in 2014, her National Research Foundation ratings, her presidency of the Philosophical Society of Southern Africa (2011-2013), her visiting fellowship in Helsinki in 2015, her guest-editorships at high impact journals such as Synthese and Ethics and Information Technology, and her representation of South Africa at the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science since 2015.
University of Pretoria
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